Era Istrefi - Redrum (Feat. Felix Snow)

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I don't care about your money
Or your fancy cars
Some people call me bonnie
I can shoot you like a star
Sweet like honey
Sticky like gum
Chew you like a cannibal
Red red rum
Red red rum
Red red rum

If you be diablo
Then I leave you hollow
Where I go you follow
So you better act right

My love is bitter sweet
But I can show you heaven
But first get on your knees
Close your eyes and count to seven
I don't care if you a peasant or a king
If you're with me then you're everything

You're too smart for all that drama
Can't fix my heart with all your commas
You drive so fast don't care about my momma
As if we're gonna make it

And I'm to good for all your bullshit
But you got something that I don't quit
So lets pretend like we're too perfect
As if we're gonna make it

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