Pearl Jam - Alive (2004 Remix)

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son she said
have i got a little story for you
what you thought was your daddy
was nothin' but a....
while you were sittin'
home alone at age thirteen
your real daddy was dyin'
sorry you didn't see him
but i'm glad we talked...
i...i...i'm still alive (3x)
oh she walks slowly
across a young man's room
she said i'm ready...for you
i can't remember anything
to this very day
'cept the look...the look...
now i can't see,...i just stare...
i...i...i'm still alive (4x)
is something wrong
she said
of course there is
you're still alive
she said
do i deserve to be
is that the question
and if so,...if so...
who answers?
who answers?
i...i...i'm still alive
i...i...i'm still alive
i...i...i'm still alive
i...i'm still alive
yeah yeah yeah yeah

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„Synu,“ řekla, „mám pro tebe jeden malý příběh…
Co si myslel, že je tvůj táta, nebylo nic, jen…
Zatímco si seděl doma sám, když ti bylo třináct
Tvůj opravdový táta umíral. Je mi líto, že jsi ho neviděl, ale jsem ráda, že jsme si popovídali…“

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