Raz Simone - They'll Speak

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Cut the lights in the studio
It's Raz, my mom calls me Solomon Simone
It's 3 a.m. and these are what feelings sound like

How do we fly?
Why do we lie?
Where do us bad people go when we die?
Heaven or hell?
Is it a lie?
Or should I just pray just incase they were right?
I mean I've done a lot of shit
Boxing in all of the shots and the cocks into crotches
Just for the profit
My girl getting raped and then I couldn't stop it
To top it the plane crashed with me in the cockpit
Luckily for them all my niggas jumped off it
They watched as I went from a wisdom-filled prophet
To something demonic
You shouldn't get off to the feeling of profiting off another man's losses
Tossing your conscious until it gets nauseous
And blocking out all of the feelings of caution
I wanted to stop but the pots and the block
Just kept calling on top of the hoes that would walk
And what did I look like rejecting the guap?
A detective? A cop? My direction was lost
I deflected a lot of the best people's hearts
My method was crossed, reception was lost
No connection to God
A deception is a lot more believable
Even though all of our guts can feel evil
So we alone can know what to touch and to leave alone
I can see the throne
So much work that I need a clone
Riding 'round town with my heater on
Looking like that quiet kid that you leave alone
I'm back with that shit that go hard No breaks, no kit kat
These fake niggas really better get back
Why you talk that shit I live, man
I earned this shit, you can't steal that
Like fake nigga, give me my real back
If you ain't push them keys with your own fingers
You can't feel that
That shit that I did for my little man
These streets need my shit, they feel that
When you getting money you get handshakes
But I got heart, I get real daps
We still trap and then feel bad when I think about it
So I don't think
My auntie want that dope from me
If she don't get it from me, she'll get her own cream
You know me, I'm no priest
How that bread gon' rise without no yeast?
My toes was cold on that block
But best believe a nigga never had no cold feet
I kept hugging that block
And that track still trying to hold me
If hustling was a drug
Then a young nigga would've been done OD'ed
All the shoot outs I've been in-to
If I was meant to leave, it would've been over for me
I don't know if I know when to leave
I'm playing this game real closely
Making life decisions off of no sleep
Round meth smoking niggas with no teeth
Seen wet smoking niggas do the coldest things
And starving niggas with gold teeth
Bitch niggas kidnapping hoes for free
Beautiful women that pose for me
Then make my money when they post for me
For these bloodsuckers, I need a rosary
Can't tell all of my niggas my goals and dreams
Or they'll do what they can so I don't succeed
Fuck boy niggas that pose as P's
Running back that track, had to go deep
I, really went and bought my own cleats
For that turf nigga, I'm so street
Niggas been banging on that Internet shit
Better hope that us niggas really don't meet
Keep telling yourself how real you is
Okay nigga, show me
I had niggas that shoot niggas for me
But wouldn't give me food when I was hungry
Fuck you, fuck you
Don't want to hunt you, so I'm-a duck you
Crimes pre-meditated, kungfu
Cause that's just what them monks do
They might run through a whole bird
But I ran through a whole zoo
J's say ain't no d-boy as cold as you
But they'll say anything for a stone or two
But the niggas that I roll with know it's the truth
They might hate hard, but they know I'm true
Ask Jojo and Joseph too
I was in those streets when they was in the stu
Doing what studio niggas do
Mixing shit up
But I really don't give a fuck
I just kept my mouth shut
These older niggas think they know what's up
Why? Cause a mad brother came to you and opened up?
Having convos through my bitch, nigga
That's what we call a bitch nigga
Elders beefing

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