Simple Minds - A Life Shot In Black And White

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A life shot in black and white
lays me down, takes me there
where words still fail me, yeah.
A life shot in black and white
shames me now since it takes us
there where nothing can break this.

I’m still toiling back and yet I am still ashen,
I keep falling back ’cause I believe it matters.
Slamming on the brakes and like a haunted child
I was born to break.

A life shot in black and white
throws me down, then raises me
with colours still bleeding, yeah.
It’s all there in black and white,
I’ve seen it now, I’ve seen it there
and the moment’s not leaving.

A life shot in black and white
stares me down, take me where,
and like doves we’ll not leave never,
we’re still here in black and white.
Changes now, changes here,
but the spirit’s not leaving.

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