Solange Knowles - Bad Girls

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It's everything that I seem to ignore
The classroom and I treat it as a book
Get back and think I see I never saw
Them hearts are still and I'm never calm

The bed I woke up in, that's not my own
The make-up I applied two days ago
The night I lost my phone on the way home
The taxi came, I don't know where I'm going

Oh, I can't help it baby

And still I try to throw you into my own hurricane
It's like I you spot me trying from a thousand miles away
I looked down on your soul, deep down I know that we're the same
It's stupid thinking that you would want to come play my game

Tell me what's wrong
Now we can't tell you what's wrong
I can't tell you what's wrong
I can't tell you what's wrong

I can't tell you, baby

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