The War On Drugs - Strangest Thing

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Summer ride on the beach
Howl at the day
I've been hiding out so long
I gotta find another way

Late at night I wanna see you
Well my eyes, they begin to fade
Am I just living in the space between
The beauty and the pain?
And the real thing

Now the sky is painted
In a wash of indigo
I've been holding on too long
In the howling of this cold

I recognize every face
But I ain't got everything I need
If I'm just living in the space between
The beauty and the pain
It's the strangest thing

Yeah, she runs surrounding me
Surrounded by the whole
Surrounded by no other
I wanna run home

Yeah, I can run slowly
Don't run away again
Yeah, I can run in the storm
Don't you run again
I wanna run, I wanna run

Yeah, I can run slowly
Yeah, I can run slowly

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